Friday, April 22, 2011


We were wandering aimlessly enjoying this peculiar town when on "Ponte de Gheto Vechio" we were greeted by a fine gondolier, Luca, who offered us a nice ride on the Grand Canal as well as many small branching channels and to sing us a Venetian song. Irresistible! We took the trip at 1730 when the light was vibrant and the evening breeze soothing.

For over an hour we listened with awe as he opened his repertoire of Venetian lore interspersed with facts and figures on the rising water level in Venice, the increasing population causing the property prices to skyrocket in the last decade, how it takes many years to earn a gondolier's license, how gondolas are more expensive than many cars, et cetera. And on a quiet little channel, Maulik and I got our promised chanson d'amour in Luca's beautiful voice.

The ride was more exciting and fulfilling than a frosted dark chocolate cake! If I could I would take this ride a hundred times over :D

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