Hi ! :D

This is my journal. It is an expression of what continually stimulates me – photography, and what allures me - the prospect of travel.

I grew up in the city of Amdavad in western India, a city that captivates the locals and tourists alike in its perennial festive atmosphere. And such is the warmth and affection of its people that it is impossible not to return for more. On the downside though, it suffers from excruciating summers with temperatures soaring up to 45 degrees, like any inland, tropical and semi-arid region. To escape the heat, I spent many a summers traveling with my family to the Himalayan foothills. During those travels, observing the varied ethnicity and drinking in the beauty of majestic landscapes so different and far removed from home nourished the growing wanderlust in me.

As a fresh graduate some years ago, when an opportunity of living and working in Norway came my way, I ventured to take it. And here I have been since, living on the west coast in the charming city of Bergen which is surrounded by seven hills. In the recent years I have traveled solo, for work and in the company of family – all of which I have enjoyed and can’t seem to get enough of. But the periods between trips haven’t been any less exciting. Every day in fact unfolds the process of assimilation into a distinct way of 'Scandinavian' life.

This domain was a geeky present from my partner of life, Maulik. He has a nifty aesthetic sense and provides critiques as well as encouragement to keep me moving in the right direction. Credit is also due to him for sharing the load of carrying the camera gear and for making photography such a delightful pastime. Developing software is our vocation and we enjoy taking long walks, playing violin and geeking out. This blog expresses our shared passions which make each passing moment truly spectacular :D

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Disclaimer: I choose to treat this space as a ‘rough notebook’, the pages of which might frequently and substantially be revised, fully understanding the risk of disappointing readers who return to find massive alterations on this blog. But what is more constant than change? :D


  1. Congrats on the new blog & new camera! Nice to have discovered ToT today. :) Keep up the good work. My best wishes to you!

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